239+ Best Friendship Status in Hindi and English

 Best Friendship Status

Cute 💚 friends always add Bright colors in your life, so here I will tell you about some friendship status and friendship quotes which will make your friendship 🚻 strong and better.

Friendship Status in Hindi

एक सच्चा मित्र वो होता है☝ जो उस वक़्त🕔 आपके साथ खड़ा होता है जब उसे कहीं और होना चाहिए ।👌

जरूरी नही की #Relationship👬 ही हो कुछ लोगो की दोस्ती😏 भी प्यार💖 से बढ़कर होती है।

दोस्ती हो तो मुन्ना और सर्किट 😉 जैसी होना चाहिए
मतलब बापू दिख रहे है, तो दिख रहे है…!!!!

#दोस्ती👬 कभी ख़ास लोगों से नहीं होती,
#जिनसे हो जाती है वही लोग #ज़िन्दगी में #ख़ास 👲बन जाते है !

वक़्त की यारी तो हर कोई करता है , मज़ा तो तब आता है, जब वक़्त बदल जाये मगर यार ना बदले।

दोस्त 💑भले ही एक हो, लेकिन ऐसा हो, जो अलफाज से ज्यादा आपकी खामो🐎शी😉 को समझें।

अपनी ज़िन्दगी का एक अलग उसूल है, दोस्त की खातिर मुझे कांटे भी कुबूल है। 😇

दोस्ती एक #Jackpot# हैं,
जो हर किसी को नहीं लगती…

Friendship Day Status in Hindi

जिंदगी में बेशक हर मौके का फायदा उठाओ.. मगर, किसी के भरोसे का फ़ायदा नहीं..✌

एक सच्चा दोस्त ही आपको ये बातें समझाएगा
अंडा नॉन-वेज नहीं होता
बियर दारु नहीं होती।

हम दोस्ती निभाना जानते है ,
ज़ख्म कितने भी गहरे हो दवा लगाना जानते है ,
हमें भूलने की कोशिश भी ना करना ऐ दोस्त
हम गला दबाना भी जानते है😉

कौन कहता है कि, दोस्ती बराबरी में होती है,
सच तो ये है, दोस्ती में सब बराबर होते है.!

मिलना बिछड़ना सब किस्मत का खेल है,
कभी नफरत तो कभी दिलों का मेल है ,
बिक जाता है हर रिश्ता इस दुनिया में ,
बस एक दोस्ती है जो #NOT FOR SALE# है।

दोस्त को दौलत की निगाह से मत😩 देखो, वफा करने वाले दोस्त अक्सर 👉गरीब हुआ करते हैं….!!

भले ही मेरे दोस्त कम हैं,
पर जितने भी हैं एटम बम🔥 हैं..!

मेरी दोस्ती के सारे एहसास ले लो ,
दिल से प्यार के सारे जज़्बात ले लो ,
नहीं छोड़ेंगे साथ तुम्हारा ,
चाहे इस दोस्ती के इम्तिहान हज़ारों ले लो।

Friendship Status in English

A true friend understands your past and knows your future.

The whole world is filled with happiness, your friends are with you.

No one in the world can make me laugh more than my mischievous friend.

Your true friends do not let you do mischievous things alone.

The world is round, so a car called Friendship always rides in it.

I have only roses in my garden and only my friend in my life.

You get true friendship with someone when your distance from his heart is zero kilometers.

Friends are like those stars who shine beautifully and make others happy.

What is a friend? One soul dwelling in two bodies.

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Friendship Day Status

Happiness is.. Coffee with friends.

Good coffee may be a pleasure. Good friends are a treasure.

My friends keep my heart warm!

Some people attend priests. Others to poetry. I to my friends.

Our #Friendship is sort of a cup🍨 of tea… A special blend of You👭and Me.

Coffee is usually better with a #Friend 🙂

Coffee and Friends make the right blend.

Where there are friends there’s wealth!

Good coffee is usually better with great friends.

Good friends are like winter clothes, in order that they never lose their warmth.

Status on Friendship

Best friends are like your family which will never give you alone.

You and I are the friends who never hurt anyone and never break anyone’s kind Desire.

Always friendship looks like a little child so seeing this everybody loves it.

It’s very hard to find a friend that cute, caring, loving, handsome, beautiful and the most important he never left you.

Don’t worry if the world is very complicated because your friends are with you in every situation.

Keeping among your friends because no one knows that whenever he needs you?

Always a strong relationship with your lover and the best relationship with your friend.

A cup of coffee shared with a friend👌 is happiness☺tasted and time🕔 well spent.

True friendship never requires any questions because of trust.

A Caring friend is someone who really cares about you and your family.

The most beautiful gift of my life is friendship.

Cute Friendship Status

The most valuable thing in this world is my old friends.

The best mirror is an old colleague.

Friendship is like a cup of coffee for me.

My best friend for me is like a Wi-Fi for a PC.

I cannot exist without my best friend as Android cannot exist without the internet.

I invest more time in my true friends because they always guide us right.

Your true friend is the one who recognizes your lie very quickly.

If you do not know anything, then you should learn to maintain Friendship.

There is nothing more in my life than my friends.

If I have to spend my most precious time somewhere, then I would like to spend it with my best friend.

Our friendship is so sure that even before melting on ice cream, we become angry and become friends.

Friendship Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Friendship should always be with the heart, not mind.

If you want, try and see but our friendship is not broken.

Your friend in your life is like your internet on your mobile.

Friendship means those people who truly care about their friends.

Friends are not the only ones who are with you during your good times, but good friends are those who are with you at both your good and bad times.

If there is no mischief in friendship, your friendship becomes boring.

If we have to say thank you to someone, then that first person is our friend.

When we get angry with someone, we first give him a chance to make friends.

The biggest enemy is not the one who attacks from the front, rather it is the one who joins the enemy by becoming friends.

Love and friendship can be done only with the heart.

I only want friends who are absolutely crazy like me.

The friendship of all of us is not just a group but a gang of friends.

Best Friendship Status

Our friendship is like this in which we laugh a little bit, shout a little, do a little mischief and have a lot of fun.

Whatever you want to do, but I will not break my friendship.

A best friend is one who knows all of your secrets.

Our friends teach us to fly when we forget them despite our wings.

If you have a lot of sadness in your life, then soon you should make a true friend.

In our friendship, a little taste is sour like lemon and sweet like honey.

Even if everything is taken away from you, you still have a precious gem named Friendship.

A true friend never leaves you alone.

A true friend is one who may get angry from the front but still take care of you from the back.

True friendship is not one in which he has to stay for a long time, rather it is one in which there has been an effort to play wholeheartedly from both sides.

Friendship is very simple, in this, you only need a friend who trusts you.

Funny Friendship Status

Friendship comes not from sharing miseries but sharing happiness.

Your true friend is one who trusts you even when the whole world is against you.

The best gift in life is the friendship I have got.

My best friend is the one who knows my favorite song and he sings it when I forget everything.

I am confused for a long time but today it is known that our friendship is more Tight my jeans.

My true friend, you attracted me to you faster than gravity, so I love you.

My passion is the love of my friends.

Do not follow me because I cannot lead, do not even follow me because I cannot follow you, only walk beside me as my friend.

My true friend is the one who sees my first tear then the second one returns automatically.

Your true friends recommend you to go to the light even when it is dark.

Friendship Whatsapp Status

If you open my heart and see some memories of my best friend.

Life is a party where I am with my best friend and he transforms my tears into a smile.

Walking alone during the day is good at night with your best friend.

Our friends are more expensive than diamonds because diamonds have a price while friends are priceless.

Friends are like that amount in our life, which transforms great sorrow into happiness.

Our true friends always share their happiness and worry with us every time.
Our best friend knows the value of our tears.

True friendship is like a chimney that keeps itself in the dark yet still brightens others.

If someone helps you with their true heart, then that can be your best friend.

Friendship should be such that no matter how big the risk, we should not care.

Sad Friendship Status

Our friends are those who make hell itself heaven.

There is only as much difference between my tea or coffee as between my best friend and true friend.

Losing a boyfriend makes more difference than losing a boyfriend in a girl’s life.

Our best friends always manage us when they fall in life.

We should not make friendship according to our needs, but according to our hearts.

If your friend is also a crook like you then there will be more fun in friendship.

A true friend is the one whose automatic wifi is connected when he or she goes home.

Knowledge should never be compared with your friendship.

When you find a friend of your kind, then that day becomes priceless for you.

On Sunday some people go to the park, some people go to the club and I have fun with my friends.

Whatsapp Status in English about Friendship

No matter how bad we may be, but our friendship should still be an example for the people.

Friendship is one that does not let enemies live.

If all my friends jump from a bridge, then I will not jump with them because I will reach down to catch them all.

Real friends love like a mother, care like father, do mischief like a sister and irritate like brother and love like a lover.

Best friends make life happier than heaven.

True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.

When you grow old, never forget your Friendship so that it becomes an example for others.

A Best friend makes you laugh loudly, bring a bright smile to your face and teach you to live life happily.

Your true friends are those who also forgive your mistake as forgiveness.

He who takes your mistake on himself can be your best friend.

Friendship Attitude Status

Real friends do not feel insulted even after their insults, but rather they teach you.

A true friend filled happiness in our hearts.

Your true friend will show you the path you always follow.

If you live 100 years then I hope to live 100-1 =99 days, so I never have to live without you.

Your true friend will show you the path you always follow.

True love is only to support her friend in sorrow.

If you have a heart, then you must help your friend when he is in trouble.

One billion memories, millions of jokes, thousands of shared secrets, One reason, BEST FRIENDS.

Someone is our true friend with whom we share all our secrets.

Your true friend never lets you cry.

Friendship Status For Fb

Friendship should always be with the heart and not with the mind.

No meaning should be hidden in any friendship.

Friendship should never be done for profit.

If an advantage is being seen in friendship then that friendship is like a traitor.

True friends are always like diamonds —beautiful, bright, pure, valuable, and always in style.

When your bad time comes, the true friend gets to know himself.

In childhood, nothing was more fun than having fun with friends.

Our friends are such that make sports interesting as well.

A true friendship can never be broken.

Love me now, Hate me never, Best friends forever.

Status For Friendship

Friendship is an exam in which we can never fail.

If you trust your Friendship, then you do not need to give any explanation.

Our true friend comes into our life like a rising star who keeps our whole life shiny.

Your best friend is the one who knows all your favorite things.

Many people walk inside and outside in your life, but the best friend is the one who leaves a mark on your heart.

The most important thing about new friends is that they make the garden of your heart fresh.

A loyal friend keeps giving you food for your life.

If you do not have fun with your friends then you are not their best friend.

Only those who know how to please your mind are your true friends.

Your friend teaches you to laugh when you don’t have it.

Friendship Status for Instagram

I am surrounded by #Awesome people around me whom I call friends.

Your best friend is the one who loves you even when you forget to love yourself.

When you are alone, go to your best friend, it will reduce your stress slightly.

When everything is over, we remember the happiness of our friends more than the misery of enemies.

If you are missing a friend more than you, then understand that he is your true friend.

The person who wishes you the first birthday can be your true friend.

Join a group of people around you who inspire you, which will change your life.

I can never pay the favor of friends who have brought a smile to my family’s face.

If someone gives me the wealth of the whole world, then I am not ready to give up my best friend.

If your friends also do mischief with you, then understand that your friendship is not fake.

Friendship Status for Facebook and Whatsapp

They are our friends who make any place beautiful.

Your true friend wants you sincerely even after you have taken away everything.

There is nothing more fun than playing public with friends.

If you are bored in life then you should make more and more friends.

The more friends you have in your life, the more you will enjoy living life.

Your sure friend never lets you cry during both good and bad times.

There are many friends in your life, but a true friend is the only one who can change your life.

A true friend is worth millions of books.

The friendship that is seen by wealth is not friendship.

You will come to know the value of your true friend when any problem comes upon you.

True Friendship Status


You have got true friendship in your life as a gift, so open it every day and celebrate.

The most fun in celebrating comes with friends.

If someone loves you with a sincere heart but you are not interested in loving him, then make him your friend.

Your beautiful life is always boring without a close friend.

Only our friends can tell the cure to get rid of a boring life.

If your friend reminds you of your lover every moment, then he is your true friend.

Your true friend is the one who makes your tears become happy tears.

Friendship should be such that even after you leave, it becomes an example for the world.

You can never forget the moments spent with your close friend.

I have only good moments celebrated with your friends who encourage you to recover in bad times.

Whatsapp Status on Friendship

Your new friends can never replace your old friends.

In a true friendship, we do not need to give any explanation.

Only a hint is enough to convince your true friend.

In my bad times, my heart only points towards my best friend.

Whenever I feel sad, my true friend manages me.

If you have a best friend in addition to the best partner in your life, then happiness in your life doubles.

Every friendship cleans our soul.

If you do not discriminate among your friends, then only you can be someone’s true friend.

Friends are like that lush green garden which keeps on giving fragrance to everyone with its greenery.

Your true friend is the one who does not get bored by watching your drama directly.

Facebook Friendship Status

The friend who decorates your heart, you should never let it get dirty.

If any of your friends are the reason for your life, then never let him separate from himself.

Hell also seems like heaven with friends and heaven without friends becomes hell.

You can strengthen your friendship at the time when you have extra time.

It is difficult to find good friends, but if you are good Yourself then you can become good friends Of others.

If you help him who needs you the most, then he can become your true friend for the whole life.

The most important day of my life was the day I got my best friend.

Friendship makes our life better.

The joy of continuing friendship for a long time is not found anywhere else.

Best friends improve their bad times and make good times better.

Status on Friendship Day

If someone is praising you a lot, then it can be your close friend.

You should not cheat a friend because it is the biggest sin.

If friendship is your weakness, then you are one of the strongest people in this world.

There is no need to talk with friends because words keep coming out on their own.

He is our friend, we can share anything with it.

Everyone has a friend, but very few people are those who have a true friend like you.

When silence is comfortable between your friend and you, that moment is very pleasant.

Friends are just like flowers, which fill different colors in your life.

In the definition of true friendship, there are no words but meanings.

Friendship is a flower that blossoms in every season.

Friendship Quotes

True friends are flowers that grow through the seeds of love.

The test of sweetness in the Sweet of life is like friendship.

If I remember the good moments of my life, you are always on top.

Your friendship and our friendship had come to know only when we had not met you.

There is only one best friend who makes your life a special life.

Our true friendship is a precious gift given to us by God, so do not let it go in vain.

Friends are such families that we choose ourselves.

A true friend costs more than 10,000 relatives.

You and I are much more than friends because we are not only friends but also an army of friends.

Friends are those Angels who follow you through your life.

Heart touching Friendship Status for Whatsapp

I love every moment you spend with me.

Life is nothing without friends.

An interesting life cannot be imagined without friends.

We quarrel for 5 minutes and laugh for 5 hours. That is friendship.

If you do not have friends, then you have not lived your life completely.

There is no friendship accident.

A person who has a true friend can never fail.

Unexpected friends are one of the best people.

Best friends do not judge each other, they both judge others together and this is a sign of friendship.

Sometimes your best friend knows you more than you.

Your true friend cheers you the most when you are losing.

They are the friends who meet us on the path of life and help us in fulfilling our journey.

Laughter makes our life happy, beautiful, cute and brilliant, which we do a lot with our friends.

Your childhood friends are the ones your new friend cannot replace.

Our friendship car has overtaken the big trucks and we have reached our destination.

Good times and crazy friends make the best memory.

You are the reason for all my smiles.

Friends are like diamonds which always brighten your life.

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